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I am a believer of Bitcoin and crypto currencies as a whole.

I have a diversified portfolio that currently exists mostly out of three major coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) but I also hold a couple smaller coins which I am bullish on. At the moment my goal is to increase my holdings of smaller altcoins.

If you are interested in investing in crypto currencies, have questions or need help feel free to contact me. You can help me if you want by using my affiliate links on CoinBase, LiteBit and Binance.

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Bitcoin: 1EjrFAWefcKzWaZsBvKAVgkPdTWLa2F5C3
Ethereum: 0x55a52665aDc188fE92c547221a13D007B97E2db9
Litecoin: LQ9oJJxKzXuaQ4W12HrdE7RZajaS1ji1jA
PayPal (yes, I still use conventional money too)